Rezofresh is a professional network for fresh and/or perishable products that links different players of the food chain.


  • shorten information channels
  • exchange real-time availability, locations and rates
  • give information about products, their source, their freshness and their characteristics.


Rezofresh is available for free on computer, tablet and mobile phones.

  • Your login is easy to remember: it is your email.
  • Your data are protected by password.
  • You remain the owner of your data.

Naturally, you accept the terms and conditions (see 'terms and conditions' at the bottom of page).


Rezofresh offers you the opportunity to promote your products or services to network members.

  • This will be integrated in the daily news feed.
  • It allows you to target countries, areas, sectors in order to achieve your goal and optimize your budget.
  • Just be registered Rezofresh personally, then as a business executive to benefit.

Book now a free week for a domain/sector/country sector of your choice!*

*subject to availability.