Terms & Conditions


Rezofresh is a professional network of fresh and / or perishable products that links different players in the food chain in order to shorten the information channels, to exchange real-time availabilities, locations and rates, give information about products, their source, their freshness and their characteristics.

This social network concerns all fresh and perishable products; fruits & vegetables, fishes, meats, eggs, dairy products, flowers etc.

It connects you with your colleagues, clients, suppliers, importers, exporters, growers, market gardeners, planters, breeders, farmers, fishermen, fishmongers, wholesalers, traders, storekeepers, packers, processors, distributors, retailers, restaurants, grocers, consumers, carriers.

The principal object of Rezofresh is to gain time and efficiency with different players, but also to improve product research, to improve freshness by accelerating the decision process and indirectly, participate in reducing food waste.

Rezofresh is as locally as internationally.

Rezofresh is the brainchild of Thomas Mechinaud (Nantes, France) and a group of fresh food professionals, engineers and computer scientists. Rezofresh is free, without obligations and open to all. Its use is nevertheless subject to state laws in which it is used, the conditions of use mentioned below and ethical rules that you agree to by signing up.

Conditions of Use

You must have attained the age of maturity and accept the present conditions, of use without restriction.

You must have a valid email address to register with Rezofresh, and complete the questionnaire (succinct) registration. Anonymous email addresses provided by some sites are not accepted. Photos or images, inappropriate, offensive or illegal comments may result in removal from the site.

You undertake, in particular, not to disseminate or promote in anyway whatsoever (photos or images) on Rezofresh regarding the following topics: pornography, pedophilia, racism, sectarianism, bigotry, violence, hatred, insultss or provocations.

You agree not to disseminate false or misleading information, or impersonate another person, not to usurp information about a company that you do not control.

You also agree not to seek access to non-public information, not to violate the security of our website in any form whatsoever, not to test its vulnerability, not to send viruses, spyware or malware, spam, phishing messages, promotions and unsolicited advertisement.

Otherwise, Rezofresh reserves the right to close your access to the website and take you to court.

Through its rules, Rezofresh cannot be held responsible for statements as well as attachments (photos, images) diffused on its website.

These rights and obligations arising from or relating to how these terms will be construed, governed interpreted and applied according to French laws. The relevant court is: Tribunal de Nantes.

Your use of the services offered is at your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that Rezofresh can in no event be liable for any damages (software or hardware) to your computer system or that of a third party.

Rezofresh can’t also, in no event, be liable for any operation losses or bad business due to the use of the proposed service.

Your account could be deactivated at your request (see «contact«) at the end of the page. On the other hand, in case of death of a member and with the proof of relevant documentation, the account will be deactivated.


Rezofresh is accessible by computer, tablet or mobile phone.

It is not for the moment an application, but a website. Whether you have an iPhone or a smartphone, create a shortcut on your desktop is simple. Eventually, consult your user manual.


By joining Rezofresh, you accept the presence of cookies on your computer (or tablet or smart phone).

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Rezofresh cookies store your login: email address and password. It is possible to remove or prevent storage by setting your preferences, available in most browsers. Please note that this action will require you to provide your login details for each new connection and hence there is a risk that Rezofresh will not function in an optimal way.

General Operation, rights

You can exchange information with your contacts by possibly attaching photos, including those that you have taken with your phone. Remember to set the size of your photos so they do not take too long to download.

Rezofresh does not undertake to keep messages and associated pictures. A minimum of one week will try to be respected.

We have no interest in conserving old information regarding fresh or perishable products. However, it is possible to simply save messages in your inbox, if you want to keep a record with another correspondent.

You can also publish adverts for a country or region, domain or sector. These adverts are not stored or archived beyond 24 hours.

By placing information on Rezofresh website you acknowledge and accept that you have granted Rezofresh permission to the nonexclusive right to store and transmit its contents worldwide.

If you use photos or images as attachments, you relinquish your rights and your correspondents and Rezofresh can freely use them. If you use photos or images that are not yours, you undertake to ensure that they are free of rights. Otherwise, you are not authorized to diffuse them on the Rezofresh website. If there are people in your photos; you must have their consent (preferably written) to broadcast their image.

Regarding advertisements, photographs, images, logos, typefaces, trademarks are intellectual property of their holders. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, or sell all or part without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Contacts, Products, Companies

You can add contacts to your address book and have it as a search tool. Those selected will be informed that you have added them to your contact list.

Similarly, you can search for products specifying all or part of its name, indicating the country and the region you are looking for. To broaden the search, you can select, “all regions”. It is equally possible to select a month of product availability. The search result will be in the form of a summary sheet including the name of the company that has created the file and the availability period. Click “Show” will open a listing with complete contact information for the company to contact.

In order to create product sheets it is necessary to register the company first of all. A pre completed database will sometimes save time, but it is often necessary to register other details. Only the head of the company or a designated person can register a company. In order to validate the inscription, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation (for example company certificate).

The company director can create product listings and add employees which he can select from the database, among those registered. He will assign their position in the company from a drop down menu. This requires prior registration of the employees concerned.


Rezofresh advertising is not intrusive, it is selective and unique (by country, sector, domain, business sector). It will be integrated into your news feed. To be an advertiser, it is necessary first of all to be registered as an individual (personally), then as a company director.

You can submit your ad and book one week a year for a country, a domain and a business sector.

Your advertising will be studied by Rezofresh. Bookings are made from Monday to Sunday. The first available date is no earlier than the first Monday in more than two weeks time. Once validated, you will receive a confirmation email.

Your cheque or your transfer must reach us no later than one week after receiving the confirmation email. Otherwise, the advertising slot will not be reserved.

Two solutions are available to you

Add your advertising text with the help of our application form.

Your logo and your contact information will automatically be inserted.

Or, transfer your advert in image format. In this case, do not forget to include your contact details.

Your image must be in jpg or png format and a maximum of 2Mo.

It must be in horizontal format, the width must be at least three times the height. It will be reduced to fit the screen size and will not be shortened.

We recommend a format 1260 x 420 px.

If you have copies in a standard size format, the large banner (or Leader board) 728 x 90 px will suit.